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Lördagen 6 augusti kl 12-15
Improviserad Målnings Show kl 13
Utställningen pågår t.o.m onsdag 10 augusti.

Wu Peng, ( in Chinese 吴蓬, 1941 -), born at Tongxiang, ZheJiang Provincence, is a Chinese Painter, renowned as art theorist as well as traditional chinese inkpainting master as well as leading educator. He is currently living in Beijing and teaching chinese painting at CCTV Art Channel and China Education Channel, enriched in works in the study of aesthetics, which impacts greatly on today’s Chinese artists.

Miao Huixin, (in Chinese 缪惠新, 1959 – ), is a Chinese Painter, won several awards for his work, renowned as Oriental Picasso by western art critics, and laureled Top 10 Asian Artists by Times. His works had exhibits internationally in Europe, the United States, and was collected by major institutions and private collectors, among which, windows, donated officially to Hillary Clinton for The Clinton Foundation.

Chen ZhiLiang, (in Chinese 陈治良,1975- ), is a Chinese Painter of young generation in China.

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